Dwarf Ancestry Overview (Pathfinder 2E Races)

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for checking out the first real episode of our ancestry series. What i’m thinking for this series is just so we’re all on the same page is do an overview on the ancestry itself then break down each independent sub-race or heritage and then after that take a look at all of the ancestry feats relevant to that particular ancestry. That’s kind of what i’m thinking in my head. But pushing that aside let’s dive in.

So we’re gonna be talking about the dwarf today which has been a staple in the fantasy genre for quite some time definitely longer than i’ve been around and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna go anywhere, anytime soon. But that being said, let’s take a look at how they’re viewed in the eyes of pathfinder 2e.

You Might……

So the game has a lot of recommendations or suggestions for ways you might want to portray your character. So you might strive to uphold your personal honor no matter the situation. Appreciate quality craftsmanship in all forms and insist upon it for all your gear. Not waiver or back down once you’ve set your mind to something. This follows for the most part the traditional view of dwarves.

They are very much strong believers in meritocracy, that is so far as to say! if you are good at your craft and if it is well known that you put quality effort and skill into your work. You are likely to gain a dwarf’s respect and i think this matches with that absolutely perfectly, they’re are also quite pragmatic as well. So if something serves an amazing function. They’re likely to be rather interested in it. But let’s move on to how the world views the dwarves.

Other Probably…

  • So the book suggests that others probably see you as stubborn, whether they see it as an asset or a detriment changes from one person to the next.
  • They assume you are an expert in all matters relating to stonework, mining, precious metals and gems.
  • Or they recognize the deep connection you have with your family heritage and friends.

I think all of these are rather fair for how a commoner may view of dwarves. I think that’s fair naturally i would also make the assertion that other regions geographically would have different viewpoints on the dwarfs. Relative to that area’s past history and current relationship with them. That being said, fair place to start i really do like it. Let’s move on the physical description of the dwarves has always been pretty consistent for the most part. I can’t really think of any outliers.

Physical Description

  • The dwarves are typically short and stocky, about a foot shorter than most humans. They are wide, have compact bodies and burly frames.
  • They pride themselves on the length of their hair. Which i’ve actually read in a couple different fantasy novels, not too sure about the origin of it but it is pretty cool.
  • They typically reach physical adulthood around the age of 25, and live to around 350 years. Which is incredible.

I really like that age range because it certainly seems to imply a long lived adventure and career as well. By this what i mean is, if the age is 25 when they reach adulthood typically when they’re gonna start adventuring and they don’t pass on from old age until 350 years it’s a pretty fair stretch of the imagination to be able to say that they would have been on the road for well over a hundred years at that point.

Another cool assumption you can make from that age range is that they spend hundreds of years perfecting their craft and at the end of their lives that spend multiple century is they pass it on to the next of kin or the next generation in general. I think that’s incredible so you could potentially have dwarves that have crafts and techniques that have been passed down for so long that it might predate several empires. Very cool stuff! i really do like it. Pathfinder 2e did a great job paizo really love it. Let’s move on to how their society might interact.


In the world of pathfinder 2e the ancient surface empire the dwarves fell a long time ago primarily because of ORC and boblinoid enemies. Needless to say might be some bad blood there to say the least especially amongst the more traditional dwarves. And given their long life span, there’s bound to be quite a few of them.

The dwarves have retained many ancient qualities namely: fierceness, gumption and stubbornness in endeavors ranging from battle and craftsmanship to forging ties with family and friends. I really do love this once again i think it lends itself to just building a culture of hard work. Once again very much a meritocracy maybe a little bit of pragmatism in there but for the most part very strong-willed very determined and overall quite respectable i’d say.

Fey dwarves are seen without their clan dagger strapped to their belt. This dagger is forged just before a dwarf’s birth and bears the gemstone of their clan. It’s also what’s used to cut the dwarven umbilical cord it’s kind of a ceremonious thing. Now this is the first time i’ve actually heard about this. Don’t know if it exists in other fantasy genres not to the best of my knowledge but it might be in a little bit obscure circles. I don’t know let me know that down beneath, regardless this is super cool!

Loosing this dagger it could have huge ramifications for the dwarfs and might actually be a reason why ones on an adventure. I think that’d be a great plot hook and for those game masters out there with parties who are typically hard to get to follow a narrative like it’s usually an uphill battle. This could be a great way of adding some serious incentive and urgency to whatever quest you have in mind for them.

Needless to say, pretty cool overall i really like the way that 2E frames up the dwarves. Now let’s take a look at their alignment and their religion.

Alignment and Religion

The dwarfs typically are lawful good or lawful neutral and prefers to worship deities of those alignments. Torag, The god of dwarvenkind is the dwarves primary deity. Although worship of torag’s family members are also common. Which is really cool to consider.

Torag is considered to be the father of creation and he is the god of the forge protection and strategy. Very cool stuff, worshipped by the dwarves and tresure crafters as well. I’d make an argument that there might be crafts guilds or craftsman guilds dedicated to torag or at least have him in some facet of them, very cool stuff!

Looking at its edicts they’re pretty much just representative of the dwarves. The honourable and forthright keep your word respect the forge serve your people. Really what we’ve been talking about so far especially with those strong family and cultural bonds.

Under his anathema it’s tell lies or cheat someone. Intentionally create inferior works or show mercy to the enemies of your people. Very cool stuff! i like it honestly it works really well with the dwarven culture it’s almost a mirror of it i dare to say. Now let’s get on to their naming conventions.


When introducing themselves dwarfs tend to list their family and clan, plus any number of other familial connections and honorifics. Dwarven names usually contain hard consonants and are rarely more or fewer than two syllables.

So i got a personal gripe about a lot of fantasy names and that is a lot of them are relatively hard to pronounce or sound incredibly similar. Now it’s great to have a dwarven relevant name especially if you want to build an immersive world. Just make sure everyone can pronounce it and make sure someone else in the group doesn’t have the exact same name or something very similar because it just leads to unnecessary confusion in my opinion but that’s more of a call for your game master all i can do is kind of recommend best practice. Now let’s get on to the good stuff their mechanics.


  • Hit points: 10
  • Speed: 20 feet
  • size: Medium
  • Ability Boosts: Con Wis Free
  • Ability Flaw: CHA
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven, Additional languages equal to your intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from gnomish, goblin, jotun, orcish, terran, undercommon and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

So the dwarves as with most ancestries actually have quite a bit to go over. So they’re starting hit points as 10. Their movement speed is 20 feet, size is medium, ability boost constitution 1 to wisdom and a free boost as well. They do have an ability flaw that is charisma. Under languages and they start out with common and dwarven. Then they gain additional language is equal to your intelligence modifier so long as it’s positive.

You can choose from gnomish, goblin, jotun, orcish, terran, undercommon and any other languages to which you have access, such as the languages prevalent in your region. Which is really cool, great idea! Under traits you’ll see dwarf and humanoid. So that’s about it for the main mechanics they do have a special trait though let’s check that out.

Special Traits

The special trait is dark vision you can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light. Though your vision in darkness is in black and white. Really cool stuff! that really makes sense because they’re gonna be in those deep caves, lighting might not be the best thing for them. Really great stuff, that being said, that’s really about it for the dwarf overview.

Covered a lot of stuff. Hopefully you gain a lot of benefits from it, what really just helped give you a couple ideas about how you’re gonna roleplay your character.


That being said, let me know what you think of them down beneath in the comment section. I’m always curious to hear from you guys. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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