Elf Ancestry Overview (Pathfinder 2E Races)

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for taking a look at elf overview PAIZO you guys did such a good job with the elves! I gotta say tip my hat to you. We will in later episodes go a far more in depth into elven society and their history. But in terms of what you need to know the elven society was booming and then they got invaded by a bunch of demons and then they essentially left the planet for some long duration of time and then they returned to find that nothing was the same and they’re more or less in the process of rebuilding now.

In terms of individuals their timeless essentially they have incredibly long lifespans and because of that they have their own set of challenges that accompanies a long life as you might imagine but incredibly cool stuff. However this is just an overview so we’re just gonna be taking a surface level look at the elves and just help me make a more informed decision as to your player essentially. So if you’re an elf you might….

You Might…

Carefully curate relationships with people with shorter lifespans. This once again feeds into the fact that they just live for so long but they really have to choose the kind of people that they want to spend that long life with.

They adopt specialized or obscure interests. Now this can be done in a lot of ways but primarily i always look at it as more of a hobby that through decades and decades of practice they just become so specialized in that they’re just authority is beyond authority even.

You might also have features or mannerisms that reflect the environment in which you live. This can be something like greener hair maybe more all of these skin if you live in a forest. Things of that nature i think would be pretty acceptable. Now let’s take a look at how others might view you.

Others Probably…

Firstly the vast majority of races are gonna be focused on your appearance. Elves are for all intensive purposes incredibly attractive. There have very angular and pronounced features, typically larger eyes just in general very graceful and poised. Now that might lead people to cast a doubt on you as to how capable you are as a fighter but for the most part people are just gonna be looking at you in awe.

I would say that this would be most common in kind of areas outside of the elven domain. Once again they used to be really prominent then they left for an incredibly long time. So it’s possible that a lot of areas that they used to dwell would have fotgotten that as time progressed. Now they’re here nor there, other’s might also assume you practice our tree cast spells fight demons and have perfected one or more fine arts.

And this is valid because odds are a lot of this is true. That being said, there’s nothing to stop you from being an elven barbarian that just uses brute force and clubs to just grind their opponents into something that resembles raspberry jam. But for the most part i think most people are gonna follow that archetype and others probably worried that you privately look down on them or feel like you’re condescending and aloof.

I feel like this is one of those things that once again it is a result of a long life combined with the fact that you are physically superior in more ways than not to a lot of other races, you’re typically taller, you’re typically more lean, age doesn’t affect you the same way you’ll be beautiful for a long time. So in those ways they do have an advantage. Once again i feel like this is gonna be more prevelent in areas that haven’t seen elves in quite some time but that’s up for your game master to kind of determine. Now let’s get into a physical description here.

Physical Description

So how tall are elves in pf2e? The elves are generally taller than humans by about a foot or so. Long features and sharply pointed ears. Their eyes are wide and almond-shaped, featuring large and vibrant-colored pupils that make up the entire visible portion of the eye. Which is so cool!

So how old do elves get pathfinder 2e? Elves reach a physical adulthood around the age of 20, and live to be about 600 years old. Now naturally through arcane means there’s ways of extending life of course but 600 years is still incredibly long. Relative to most other races that exist within the pathfinder mythos. Now let’s take a quick look at their society here.


  • So elven society peaked millennia ago, long before they fled the world to escape a great calamity. Since they’ve returned rebuilding is no easy task.
  • Elven architecture displays their deep appreciation of beauty and elven cities are wondrous works of art.
  • The elves bear notorious grudges against rivals, which the elves call ilduliel. But these antagonistic relationships can sometimes blossom into friendships over time.

However i would consider that to be relatively rare, the downside of a long life is elves can hold a grudge for an incredibly long time. So i don’t know once again depends on the game world, depends on cicumstances, depends on a lot of stuff but i couldn’t really see it happening a whole lot. Now let’s take a look at their alignment and religion.

Alignment And Religion

Many elves are chaotic good. They prefer deities who share their love of all things mystic and artisitc. Desna and shelyn are particular favorites. The former for her sense of wonder and the latter for her appreciation of artistry. Calistria is the most notorious of elven deities, As she represents many of the elven ideals taken to the extreme.

Taking a look at the Desna: The kindly song of the spheres presides over dreams, luck, stars and travelers. An ancient goddess, desna delights in freedom and mystery, and she encourages her followers to do the same.

  • Edicts: Aid fellow travelers, explore new places, express yourself through art and song and find what life has to offer.
  • Anathema: Cause fear or despair, cast nightmare or use similar magic to corrupt dreams, engage in bigoted behaviour. Which makes sense right! Now look at Shelyn.

Shelyn: The eternal rose is the goddess of art, beauty, love and music. She seeks to one day redeem her corrupted brother, Zon-Kuthon. Shelyn promotes peace and love and she encourages her followers to create beauty in a sometimes dark world. Now taking a look at her edicts.

  • Edicts: Be peaceful, choose and perfect an art, lead by example and see the beauty in all things.
  • Anathema: Destroy art or allow it to be destroyed, unless saving a life or pursuing greater art; refuse to accept surrender. Which are pretty good stuff. Now let’s take a quick look at calistria.

Calistria: The mischievous goddess known as the savored sting extols the virtues of lust, revenge and trickery. Though calistria is most widely worshipped by elves, members of many other ancestries follow her as well.

  • Edicts: Pursue your personal freedom, seek hedonistic thrills, take revenge.
  • Anathema: Become too consumed by love or a need for revenge or let a slight go unanswered.

My goodness needless to say! some pretty wide variation in terms of elven beliefs but all provide great roleplay opportunities and potentially some cool plot elements as well. Now let’s get into their names.


An elf keeps their personal name secret among their family, while giving a nick name when meeting other people. This nickname can change over time, due to events in the elf’s life or even on a whim. Elven names consist of multiple syllables and are meant to follow lyrically. At least in regards to the elven tongue. They commonly end in “-EL” or “-ARA”.

However due to the nickname element of the elven naming structure it’s gonna be worth noting that you’re really gonna need to design two names…one being your actual name and then the second being your nickname and given the elves of such a long life. It could be plausible that depending on how your elf has gone about adventuring that in different areas they may have a reputation under different names and perhaps potential plot hook here had a spell cast on them that made them lose sight of a couple of those memories and they could go into a place and unexpectedly get ambushed as the result of unexpected business. I think that’d be kind of cool. But let’s take a quick look at some mechanics now.


  • Hit points: 6
  • Speed: 30feet
  • Size: Medium
  • Ability Boosts: Dex, Int Free
  • Ability Flaw: Con
  • Languages: Common, Elven. Additional languages equal to your intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from celestial, draconic, gnoll, gnomish, goblin, orcish, sylvan and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).
  • Traits: Elf, Humanoid

So their starting hit points is six, speed of 30 feet, size is medium. Ability boost dexterity, intelligence and one free boost and the ability flawed a constitution which is a little weird but whatever. Taking a look at their languages common and elven are given off the bat. Additional language equal to your intelligence modifier so long as it’s positive. Choose from celestial, draconic, gnoll, gnomish, goblin, orcish, sylvan and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

I have a problem with celestial being on this list just because i believe divine languages should never be given two adventurers just starting out. Maybe with the exception of clerics of course but outside of that this list looks a pretty strong and i really do like it.

Under traits you’ll see just elf and human which is pretty standard for a lot of these ancestries. Now let’s take a look at their special traits.

Special Traits

The elf has low-light vision: You can see in dim light as though it were bright light. So you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light. Now this kind of goes with i was saying once again elves are widely considered to be slightly superior if not drastically superior to a lot of these other ancestries. Mechanically they really don’t play out that way but low light vision does make sense.


That being said, let me know what you think of the elves down beneath in the comment section. Mention any thoughts, questions, ideas, concerns you may have regarding them as well as any builds or cool stories about them. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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