Gnome Ancestry Overview (Pathfinder 2E Races)

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for taking a look at another ancestry overview today we’re looking at the gnome which honestly when i first started getting into it, i wasn’t super excited but let me tell you upon further analysis i dare say the gnomes are one of the coolest ancestries in the game like hands down. I think they’re great for roll play but there’s a potential plot line that i’d love to execute and i’ll tell you about it in a little bit here. But first the gnomes basically came from the feywild so the place where like spirits and pixies and fairies and all those crazy people live.

Gnomes originally came from there. No one really knows why they came over from that place but they’re kind of aliens in that right kind of similar ish to the elves although the elves are seem to be more based in science where the gnomes are more based in kind of mysticism and the kind of laws of the magical world. Really they don’t have attachments in the traditional sense either and i’ll talk about that a little bit later on. But they are almost genetically bred to be adventurers and explorers and of course we will talk about that a little bit later.

You Might…

So before we do though let’s talk about some surface level stuff about them, so if you identify as a gnome you might embrace learning and hop from one are of study to another without warning kind of very haphazardly in most cases. And that’s interesting because that’s in direct contrast to the elves right! It’s very interesting.

You might, Rush into action before fully taking stock of the entire situation. And you might, Speak and think and move quickly. And lose patience with those who can’t keep up.

Once again this is very antagonistic to the way the elves view the world right! Now if you’re a gnome others probably.

Others Probably…

appreciate your enthusiasm and energy with which you approach new situations. They might! Also struggle to undrstand your motivations or adapt to your rapid changes of direction. Or they might! See you as unpredictable, flightly, unreliable, or even reckless. Now let’s get into the physical description here.

Physical Description

Gnomes are just over three feet in the height and way little more than a human child. They have a large eyes and dense facial muscles leading to kind of a more angular approach.

A gnome can theoretically live up to any age if they can stave off the bleaching indefinitely, but in practice gnomes rarely live longer than around 400 years.

Now this is a really interesting thing that i feel like deserves its own seperate article all together. But the bleaching is where a gnome will essentially the color gets drained out of them. Like it’s a literal bleaching their goes from being vibrant and cool to being just white and gray and they kind of go from being hearty to being the shells of their former cells.

It’s a really interesting process and it happens when a gnome basically stops a living to the max or tones it down. So it’s when they stop going out on adventures that’s when they stop coming up with cool inventions it’s where they kind of start to mellow out that this bleaching starts to take effect.

So so long as a gnome is happy and vibrant and always experimenting and trying new things they can basically live forever. Which could lead to a ton of interesting plot hooks of like gnome gods basically are well known gnome adventurers who have been doing it for thousands of years.

But in most cases they eventually succumb to the bleaching and there’s a strong argument to be made for it being something that’s native to the essentially material plane that kind of erodes at the fey nature within them i would say. It’s very interesting, very cool stuff! Once again i feel like it is worth its own seperate article altogether, but in any case let’s move on for this article. Let’s talk about their society and this is really cool stuff!


So most gnomes adopt some of the cultural practices of the region in which they live, They tend to pick and choose, adjusting their communities to fit their own fey logic. It’s really interesting stuff, so you could potentially have gnomes everywhere they’re very nomadic intensely nomadic.

No gnome kingdomes or nations exists on the surface of golarion, And gnomes wouldn’t know what to do with such state if they had one. Once again, that goes back to their just sheer, unpredictable nature. They’re too all over the place all of the time so them building a community would be incredibly rare and them running a complex kingdom would be almost impossible.

Though gnome families tend to be small, many gnome communities raise children communally with fluid family boundaries. So basically gnomes don’t really get to know their own parents at least not necessarily what’s most likely to happen is a gnome will have a child, have a marriage, have a family just for the sake of having that experience and then when it’s all said and done they’ll just leave pursue other adventures and i think that would be interesting when it comes to like half species.

You know like let’s say a gnome man fell in love with an elf and they had a kid. You’d have this incredible duality i guess within that kid and that would lead to all kinds of crazy things so that child for example might have that need that comes from an elf to have this strong sense of community or familial tie.

But at the same time have the need of the gnome to want to go out an adventure and go on all these crazy things so a cool story or a cool reason for them adventuring might be to just find their parents or one parent or however you want to go about it. Very cool stuff though i do love it. Let’s take a quick moment and look over their alignment and religion.

Alignment and Religion

Most gnomes are impulsive tricksters with inscrutable motives and confusing methods. Many at least attempt to make the world a better place, gnomes most commonly worshipped deities that value individuality and nature such as cayden cailean, desna, gozreh and shelyn. Let’s quickly review them go over them.

cayden cailean: It is essentially a drunken hero. That’s really it, he encourages i’m drinking, freeing slaves going on adventures and just having a good time. He doesn’t really support wasting alcohol and definitely doesn’t support being a jerk or owning a slave. So pretty cut and dry.

Desna: We’ve covered it a lot before. Kind of a more mysterious, goddess likes freedom. Typically aids people explores express yourself through a song like fine art all that good stuff very like pro culture knd of deity and then don’t cause fear despair, don’t cast nightmare, don’t corrupt creativeness essentially and then gorzra which is basically the druid god at least that’s what it seems like. Cherish protect respect nature don’t bring civilization to intrude in the wild. Don’t create undead, basically just respect the natural flow of the world.

Ultimately i do think that they all fit the gnomes incredibly well, some of them might actually lead to a classes you end up picking. So it’s certainly worth considering then again looking at how spontaneous gnomes are i would be hesitant to believe that they would be consistent in their belief system to say the least. But let’s take a look at their names.


Gnome names can get quite complex and polysyllabic. They have little interest in familial names once again because i don’t really have families and most children receive their names purely on a parent’s whim which is terrible. They often go by shorter nicknames, some even collect and chronicle these nicknames. Among the gnomes, the shorter the name, the more feminine it’s considered to be.

So it’s really interesting certainly and not a very traditional naming convention but once again they are basically fae. So that does make sense, some easier to pronounce ones are fidget would make an interesting girl name neji as well interesting girl name. A lot of these boy names or presumably more male names are several syllables long so chrominate is one of them.

So it’s rather interesting i’d definitely implore you to come up with your own make it easy to pronounce as a general rule of thumb, girl names probably between one to two syllables and boy names typically three plus i would imagine be the kind of cultural norm there. That being said, let’s deal with some more concrete stuff and go over their mechanics.


Their hit points are eight, speed is 25 feet, size is small and ability boost to consitution charisma and one free ability boost, and ability flaw to strength.

Looking at their languages a common, gnomish, sylvan and then additional languages equal to your intelligence modifier so long as it’s positive. Choose from draconic, dwarven, elven, goblin, jotun, orcish and any other languages to which you have access and that’s typically based on the region you live in. And then traits are gnome and humanoid. As you might expect.

Special Traits

Under special traits you’ll see that they have low light vision much like the elves. So you can see in dim light as though it were bright light so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light. Very cool stuff! In terms of how i’d love to see a gnome campaign structured i would imagine that “that bleaching effect that they go through would actually make them kind of more evil aligned if that makes sense a little bit more sadistic” Might even give them a good strength boost and i would imagine bleached gnomes want other gnomes to become bleached as well, once that process kind of runs a cycle.

So i think it’s be interesting to have like a cult around the bleaching process and it would be more organized right! just due to the fact that the bleaching is caused by the erosion of their more spontaneous chaotic nature. So it could be really interesting.


That being said! Let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section, let me know what you think of the gnomes, any cool character ideas, concepts, questions, comments or concerns as well. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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