Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for checking out another episode of our character creation series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Ancestries in the view of pathfinder 2e ancetries are essentially your race. What group of people do you belong to. Now let’s take a look at what your ancestries provide you with.

Looking through several forums i realized that the most common complaint people had regarding ancestries was their position in relation to the character sheet itself. But in terms of what your ancetry decides it’s your hit points its what size of creature you are, it’s your movement speed, it’s your ability boosts, your ability flaws, languages you can speak, a couple traits and some senses as well.

All of those have corresponding sections on the first page of the character sheet booklet. Ultimately you’re going to be referring to these throughout the game. We’ve already covered ability boosts and ability flaws in the previous article so if you don’t know what those are check that article while we really go in depth there.

Now a couple things that i really want to drive home this is the step in which you decide whether or not you take on any optional flaws. In the previous article we mentioned if you take on two flaws you get an ability boost. This is a stage where you do that. That being said! You can’t double up on ability boosts.

Importance Of Ancetries

So we took the dwarf kind of stat block for this example, so if you took two extra flaws let’s say one to strength and one to dexterity. Don’t know why i’d want to do that but just for example and you got an extra boost..your extra boost could not be constitution or wisdom or whatever kind of free boost you get.

Also worth pointing out if you decide to roll your stats that free option there does not exist, you sacrificed it to roll your stats, just so you know this is a stage which all that comes into play. Now looking at the languages you notice actually get to add an extra language for equal to your intelligence modifier. So if you have an intelligence modifier of two you get to pick two extra languages of the options provided. Which is great i really love that pathfinder 2e did that.

That being said! every race is a little bit different and we will be going over each individual race in a little bit later on here. But what you need to know is this is the stage we deal with the boost, flaws, extra flaws you will get other boosts in later steps but that’s kind of a side point. Now let’s quickly take a movement here and check out heritages.

Heritage Choices

A heritage is essentially your sub-race as it were in terms of the dwarf they actually have access to a five. Namely the ancient blooded dwarf, the death warden dwarf, the forged dwarf, the rock dwarf or the dtrong blooded dwarf. Very cool stuff there’s a ton of sub-races or heritages in pathfinder 2e and i’m really happy with what paizo did here very impressive stuff.

Now technically there is some name recommendations here as well. I realy don’t like going with what these games recommend. I find a lot of them are actually pretty tricky to pronounce and a lot of them are very similar to one another posited a good job of making that last one not really the case.

But ultimately this is all just flavor text and doesn’t really do anything for you mechanically so it’s not really worth diving into in this article when we take a look at all the ancetries one by one and that’s when we’ll dive into it. What you do need to know however is you will list your ancetry and your heritage at the top of the character sheet and then on the second page you put your heritage and ancestry related feats in that top corner box.

Wrap Up

And that’s really about it! That wraps up all you need to know about heritage is and ancetry is starting out. So that being said, let me know your favorite heritage and what your favorite ancestry is down below. Let me know which ones you’re excited to play or look into a little bit more also be sure to drop any questions, comments or concerns you have down there as well. That being said! I hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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