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Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my pathfinder 2e character creation series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the seventh step in character creation and that is record your class details now as with the determining your ability scores article we did earlier a lot of you are going to have already done this because you are ambitious little fellas and ladies.

But it’s worth going over regardless for one of those of you that haven’t and to just double check your work. Seriously you really don’t want to get screwed over and character creation cuz that means everything you do from that point on you’re either gonna be suboptimal, you’re gonna just be playing wrong in general. So it’s always important to check your work. Now let’s quickly get started on the steps here.

Steps To Recording:

Step One: Add up hit points

In add up your hit points step your hit points come from two main sources unless of course your dungeon master or game master gave you some items or some homebrew rules but by raw there’s only really two sources you should consider the first being your ancestry or your race and the second being the class you choose and the class in turn relates to the level in some ways but really it’s just your class and your ancestry that matter here.

Step Two: Apply Proficiencies

So basically anywhere you see the TEML kind of logo there. You’re gonna want to check to make sure you don’t have any proficiencies that line up with that. Your proficiencies at this stage primarily come from your background and class. Although based on what level you’re starting out at there are a couple feats that can affect proficiencies as well.

So just go through everything make sure you didn’t miss it, check everything off in the relative box. It might be worth noting as well that if you have multiple proficiencies in one particular skill for example let’s say thievery that you both your background and your class give you some advantage in thievery.

You’re gonna take whatever was the first applicable bonus which will literally always be your background and then one of your class gives could actually reallocate that to any other skill in this case. So it’s pretty cool stuff, i really like what paizo did there so it stops you frm doubling up during character creation.

So just bear that in mind as you’re building the character and naturally the more trained your and something the larger bonus you’re gonna have to it, so if you’re an expert you it’s four plus your level master six plus your level…etc up and down if you’re untrained though it’s just a flat zero. So it sucks to suck i guess but whatever no one’s perfect.

Step Three: Record Any Additional Class Features

All classes have a table that it’s pretty easy to follow. Basically look at the table, see what it offers you at that level and then add it to your character sheet. During character creation the level you add at every subsequent level in case you were confused a little bit, it does make logical sense though.


In any case that’s gonna be about it for this article. I hopw you guys enjoyed. That being said, thank you so much i really do appreciate it. I hope you guys all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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