The Concept

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you so much for checking out the first episode of our character creation series. When you are creating a character in pathfinder 2e there’s a lot of mechanics at play for that particular character. But to start out we’re just gonna simply take a look at the concept behind a character and just go over some things to consider. It’ll be relatively quick and relatively painless i hope, so let’s get started on what you should consider when building a character.

What to Consider?

The biggest one at least initially is going to be appearance. This will really help slim down what ancestry you are gonna go with a little bit later on. Something else to consider is there particular a skill set this will help you out in terms of picking a class and then look at theirĀ upbringingĀ how they were raised before they became an adventurer and this will really help you pick out their background.

Aside from that you’re gonna want to take a look at any recreational activities they may have any hobbies things of that nature. In addition take a look at their relationships family is an obvious one to consider but also consider friends or even enemies if they have any or even a business relationships. The main benefit of going into that particular detail is to provide your game master with plot hooks.

Later on to make sure your character is still engaged with the main story and perhaps provide additional incentive. Also consider their personality now by this i mean in a broad sense but also if they have any weird habits, quirks or flaws or tells for example if they lie they winced or flare their nostrils something like that.

And then also their beliefs what gods they believe in how true they are to their morals things of that nature and that’ll go a long way later on as well. Now those are the main things you want to consider when building a character up from the ground and kind of breathe a little bit of life into them.

A couple things i want to just quickly go over in terms of do’s and don’ts. Do your best not to let your character directly reflect who you are as a human being. It’s tempting but it almost always goes bad. Especially if that particular character ends up dying or if the other characters don’t like them very much…it can come across as a very personal attack although it’s not meant to. So best to just avoid it in general.

Another great tip is especially when you’re starting out don’t be shy to emulate characters in pop culture. This can be a pretty easy way of at least getting used to the idea of character creation and role-playing as well. Templates already there all you go to do is just act it out so i highly encourage that for newer players for sure and another thing really quick be aware that your character can change as the story progresses and a certain events unfold, they are living characters to an extent or another so the ability for them to change should not be overlooked.


That being said! that’s gonna be about it for this episode just a really quick one. We’ll be getting into more details in sunsequent articles and i’ll be breaking down mechanics things of that nature. I’m really excited for this series and i hope you all gained a lot of insight out of it. That being said! i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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