Dwarven Ancestry Feats Level 1: Rock Runner

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for checking out another one of our level 1 ancestry feats for the dwarves. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at rock runner which is just such a cool gosh-darn name, this feat is awesome. Lends itself to a very particular play style for sure but awesome nonetheless oh man let me tell you love this stuff. Let’s take a quick look at its description here so you can kind of understand why i’m so pumped up about it, so it reads as followed.


Your innate connection to stone makes you adept and moving across uneven surfaces. You can ignore difficult terrain caused by rubble and even uneven ground made of stone and earth. In addition, when you use the acrobatics skill to balance on narrow surfaces or uneven ground made of stone or earth, you aren’t flat-footed, and when you roll a success at one of these acrobatics checks, you’ll get a critical success instead.

Man this is awesome man how cool would this feat be in like a complicated cave like environment. You could basically just be a ninja running all over the place like it’s just made of tight ropes and you’re an acrobat. I think this is hella cool, obviously this is gonna be aimed at your more mobile classes the rogue, the monk those kinds of guys but man is just cool, if you want to like make a real gish character, this is a pretty solid feat to go with.

The sheer potential for mobility getting into those difficult to reach areas or just getting out of dodge while at the same time wreaking havoc for others, this is a good one. Honestly i’m really excited to see all the spells cuz i feel like there’s gonna be a ton of spells that pair up very nicely with this. That being said, let’s quickly break it down.


So for this feat i actually had to put in a decent amount of thought because this is a more passive ability but at the same time you gotta know when to use it and it relates to a specific skill. So for the speed portion it’s pretty easy in the movement types and notes i just put ignore difficult terrain with an asterisk beside it or even just put rock runner in that spot and then i hope you remember.

Before the acrobatics i’d honestly just highlight at one color and then on your feet list highlight rock runner in the same color. That way you know listen there’s something special about your acrobatics tricks so please check the feat. Ultimately it should be pretty easy to remember you have this all things considered but still worth noting especially if you’re brand new to the game and TT RPGs in general.


That being said, i really like it. Once again i think it’d be cool for something like an assassin to have this or the monk once again would be a great pairing with this particular feat but let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section. Mention any builds, thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas or uses i really do like hear from you guys. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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