Dwarven Ancestry Feats Level 1: Stonecunning

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you so much for checking out another episode of our ancestry feat series for the dwarves. Today we’re taking a look at stonecunning which is honestly really cool feat. Doesn’t really do anything for you in terms of combat advantages but could lead to a ton of interesting plot hooks that would have otherwise gone ignored. Honestly really like it, cool for RP but let’s take a quick look at the description so you know exactly what we’re talking about.


You have a knack for noticing even small inconsistencies and craftsmanship techniques in the stonework around you. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to notice unusual stonework. This bonus applies to checks to discover mechanical traps made of stone or hidden within stone.

If you aren’t using the Seek action or searching, the GM automatically rolls a secret check for you to notice unusual stonework anyway. This check doesn’t gain the circumstance bonus, and it takes a –2 circumstance penalty.

I think this is so cool! Let me tell you, what a cool game mechanic. I’ve actually been doing something very similar to this in my 5E games but for it to just be there like this oh my goodness! Passive roles and secret roles need to be more of a thing in these games and i am so happy paizo, blessed paizo that you gave us this great opportunity to explore this game mechanic. Very cool stuff! Let’s quickly check out the breakdown.


In terms of how it goes in your character sheet i just put it underneath your senses, why not or highlight your perception different color and then highlight stone-cunning in your ancestry feat chart the same way. Pretty cool stuff! honestly really love this, super cool good job paizo.

So what this really means if you break it down you gain a +2 bonus to perception checks anytime it has anything to do with stone work and that includes traps which is so sweet let me tell you and then even if you’re not searching actively your dungeon master will still roll in secret and apply a mere -2 penalty to that role, so if your wisdoms really good, odds are you’re gonna do just peachy keen boy, i really like it, i think this is awesome, good job paizo.

I really hope a lot of people pick this one cuz how often are you in a dungeon and you miss a secret door. You don’t know because you missed it could have been tons of times, hundreds of times, thousands…you don’t know that’s the point but with this amazing feed you have the potential of finding out.

And you know a lot of Min Maxers might be like mean it’s just a ways to go with the weapon one or one of the ones we get to cover cuz they’re pretty cool. But don’t listen to him, arguably don’t have to listen to them.

Because you know something little man when it comes down to it and you by happenstance by this feats hidden mechanic, discover a door that leads to a treasure room that has every magical item in the game you know who they’re gonna be thanking, you know who they’re gonna be looking up to, you know who they’re gonna be hoisting on their shoulders…it’s gonna be you little man!

Wrap Up

Never forget that you could be hero of your party! In any case let me know what you think about stonecunning down beneath in comment section. Needless to say i’m a pretty big fan of it, i really like it, i really like all these feats to be honest but this one in particular just a cool mechanic. Really excited to GM these games.

That being said, let me know what you think, mention any builds, cool concepts, questions, comments, concerns always love hearing from you guys. That being said, happy adventuring.

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