Seer Elf 2E Race

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you so much for checking out an another one of the elf heritage’s today we’re gonna be taking a look at the seer elf pathfinder 2e which is one of the more magical based heritage’s in the game in general, super cool stuff! I really do like them and i think a little bit of magic no matter how small in a fantasy setting can go a super-long away. That being said, let’s take a quick moment here and take a look at the breakdown.

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You can cast the detect magic cantrip as an arcane initiate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.

In addition you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks to identify magic and to decipher writing of a magical nature. These skill actions typically use the arcana, nature, occultism or religion skill. Kind of depending on their nature.

So basically to break it down in simplest terms you can cast the detect magic cantrip it counts as an arcane initiate spell and it is at will. In any case you can also check out this otherworldly magic pathfinder 2e.

The cantrip is hiding to a level equal to half your level rounded up and then you gain a +1 bonus to anytime you identify really anything magical in nature and it typically uses arcana nature occultism or religion depending on what kind of magic it is, the nature of how its behaving and things of that nature. Also read cavern elf pathfinder 2e.


That being said, really strong choice! Once again is it super magical? not really a little bit of magic though could certainly go a long way, i would think this would be pretty common if you wanted to roleplay a treasure hunting character for example or a tinker or even, i think there’s a lot of potential upside to role-playing this particular heritage. In any case you can also check out this whisper elf pathfinder 2e | what background is an elf pathfinder 2e?

That being said, let me know what you think of the seer elf pathfinder down beneath in the comment section. Also be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you may have regarding them. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring. Also read these articles nimble elf pathfinder 2e | arctic elf pathfinder 2e | what is the elf trait pathfinder 2e? | pathfinder half elf names | pathfinder 2e best divine spells | pathfinder 2e elf height | what is the speed of elves in pathfinder 2e? |

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