Elven Weapon Elegance

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for taking a look at the last of our level five ancestry feats for the elf in the core rulebook. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at elven weapon elegance pf2e which is one of those feats that shares the same template with virtually every ancestry. Let’s check it out regardless noticed it is still pretty cool!


Tag: Elf, Prerequisite: Elven Weapon Familiarity.

You are attuned to the weapons of your elven ancestors and are particularly deadly when using them. Whenever you critically hit using an elf weapon or one of the weapons listed in Elven Weapon Familiarity, you apply the weapon’s critical specialization effect. Which is an added effect, it’s pretty cool stuff! Let’s quickly go over the breakdown.


So if you get a crit with a sword at the target is made off balance by your attack becoming flat-footed until the start of your next turn and if you get a critical hit with a bow, it does a really cool thing where it basically sticks the target to the ground or wall or whatever it’s by.

So long as it’s able to and it’s a DC-10 athletics check to try and escape. Pretty cool, i actually really like the bow one. I think it actually provides a lot of flavor and could make for some pretty funny moments.

Bow: If the target of the critical hit is adjacent to a surface, it gets stuck to that surface by the missile. The target is immobilized and must spend an interact action to attempt a dc 10 athletics check to pull the missile free; it can’t move from its space until it succeeds. The creature doesn’t become stuck if it is incorporeal, is liquid (like a water elemental or some oozes), or could otherwise escape without effort.

That being said, i just make a quick note in the other spot on the strikes really and that’s really about it. You can also read this pf2e elven curve blade.


That being said, let me know what you think of elven weapon elegance down beneath in the comment section, mention if you think it’s cool, if it’s not cool, if it’s worth, if it’s not worth it any build ideas stuff like that you guys know the drill. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring. Keep reading elven instincts pathfinder 2e | pathfinder 2e elven weapon familiarity | pf2e advanced elven weapons |

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