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Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you for checking out the last of the level nine ancestry feats for the elves, at least of the ones in the core rulebook. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at expert longevity which is to be just brutally honest an incredible feat.

I dare say that i would suggest 99% of the people at least heavily consider the feat investiment into this, i can imagine tons of situations in which it’s super useful but that is of course my opinion naturally yours may differ but to get the full picture here let’s check out the description.


Tags: Elf ; Prerequisites: Ancestral Longevity

The prerequisite is that you have taken Ancestral Longevity at some point before we’ve of course covered it in another feat episode and it written as followed:

You’ve continued to refine the knowledge and skills you’ve gained through your life. When you choose a skill in which to become trained with Ancestral Longevity, you can also choose a skill in which you are already trained and become an expert in that skill. This lasts until your Ancestral Longevity expires.

When the effects of Ancestral Longevity and Expert Longevity expire, you can retrain one of your skill increases. The skill increase you gain from this retraining must either make you trained in the skill you chose with Ancestral Longevity or make you an expert in the skill you chose with Expert Longevity. In any case do check out this how long do elves live in pf2e?

Man that is a mouthful in a half, i tell you. But very cool mechanically, ultra cool mechanically. Might need a little bit better of an explanation so let’s break it down beneath here. In any case yoy may also like to read this singular expertise pf2e.


So basically step one you use your ancestral longevity to pick a feat in what you want to become trained in. In this example let’s just use religion and the trained of course is 2+your level as a modifier bonus to it, which is quite nice and then you choose a skill in which you already trained in and you can become expert in it. Do not miss this pf2e follow the expert.

In this example let’s assume you’re trained in arcana, you can now becoming an expert in arcana. This does apply to the trait that you became trained in using ancestral longevity, so it is really cool. And the expert status of course is 4+your level as a modifier which is great as well. Also check out this pf2e takedown expert.

I really love this and i think this especially goes good in situations in which you know what to expect throughout the course of the day and it kind of makes you a marrysue for the most part. Keep reading pf2e armor expertise | elf step pathfinder 2e | cooperative nature pathfinder 2e | how do long rests work in pathfinder 2e? | pathfinder 2e multiclass feats |

Not to say that’s a bad thing or anything just to say that typically i could imagine this leading to you stepping on other people’s toes, maybe accidentally, hopefully accidentally but this could very easily change up the flow of the game for sure. Also check out pf2e terrain expertise | woodcraft pf2e | how tall are orcs pathfinder 2e? | multitalented pathfinder 2e | martial experience pathfinder 2e | heritage pathfinder 2e |


That’s just my thought though, that being said, let me know what you think of expert longevity down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns or build ideas you have regarding it. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring. Keep reading pf2e expert backstabber | pf2e expert dc | pf2e expert skill | pf2e expert spellcasting | pf2e weapon traits | pf2e damage types | pf2e expert proficiency | universal longevity pf2e | pf2e tribal bond | pf2e tree climber | pf2e advanced elven weapons | half-elf feats pathfinder 2e |

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