Universal Longevity PF2E Feats

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my guide and thank you for taking a look at the first of our level 13 ancestry feats for the elf. Today we’re going to be taking a look at universal longevity elf which i sweet as heck…oh my god! This is a truly great capstone ancestry feat by the way.

This is found in the core rulebook so everyone should be able to have access to it. But it is oh something fierce i’d consider it definitely worth the feat investment but that’s just me once again let’s dive in. So taking a look at its description here.


Tag: Elf ; Prerequisite: Expert Longevity which you’ve actually already covered in another article.

The frequency: is once a day. This is also technically an action but i feel like it’s gonna be very rare to use this in combat. That’s just my humble opinion, you may beg differ, if you do drop it down beneath but for the most part..i don’t know this seems like more of a explorative kind of feat but i don’t know once again let me know down beneath. And the description reads as followed.

You’ve perfected your ability to keep up with all the skills you’ve learned over your long life, so you’re almost never truly untrained at a skill. You reflect on your life experiences, changing the skills you selected with Elven Longevity and Expert Longevity.

Very cool stuff! Needless to say if you’ve read all the other feat articles you know what makes this so just insanely good. But in case you haven’t let’s go through the breakdown here. Also read heritage pathfinder 2e.


So ancestral longevity which you actually need to get expert longevity which you need to get this feat, basically lets you pick any skill at the start of the day and you become trained in it, the trained status gets you to plus your level as a modifier and that expert longevity comes along and lets you become an expert in a skill for the same length of time, an expert gives you four four plus your level. You can also check out this fey influence pathfinder 2e.

And then what this does is once per day, you can use an action and you can re-pick the skills you want to allocate that trained an expert to. It’s very good, makes your character a total marysue but you know at 13th level something tells me a lot of those other races and classes are gonna have a lot more teeth to him. Also read this pathfinder 2e half-elf.

Wrap Up

So you know i like it, is it a good choice yes it is a great choice absolutely. Is it the perfect choice for your character you know i don’t know. Let me know down beneath what you think, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about it. Also be sure to give me any build ideas or cool concepts you have regarding it. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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